Why we need equine rescue

Why we need Equine Rescues?

There are several nonprofit and for profit organizations involved in pet rescue and providing them with safe houses. However, when it comes to houses we don’t see man organizations involved in equine rescue. The preexisting rescues generally do not have the resources to keep and take care of the horse for an indefinite period of the time, and thus once a horse is restored back to health it is put up for adoption. However, when we hear about equine rescue we have heard several sad tales about horses being neglected and not finding a proper house for care. Similar to other pets, it is important to invest in equine rescue and in order to convince yourself to rescue a horse, please read below for reasons why we need equine rescue:
No Government Regulation
One of the reasons why there are more horses than rescuers is because there is not enough work done by the government to save the horses. Therefore, most of the work is done by private or semiprivate non-profit organizations. So, if you are looking for a reason to save a horse what could be the reason other than the fact there are not enough rescuers to save the beautiful creature.
Feel Emotionally Well
One of the reasons why you need equine rescue is to feel emotionally well. Not that you cannot do that by rescuing other pets but when you invest in equine rescue. Equine rescue is currently a problem because throughout the globe people who can’t take care of their horse anymore due to financial or personal reasons just abandon them, which led to even horses with good breed being in a poor state. On top of that there are not enough rescue horses or if there are they don’t have enough resources to keep the horses for a long time.
So, when you are spending your time on equine rescue you will not only be feeling emotionally well but you can also feel escalated because you have spent your time on rescuing an animal chances of caring for whom would be slim otherwise. So, we need equine rescue not only to feel emotionally well but also because there are not enough rescuers of horses.
We need equine rescue because saving horses will help you not only spend your time effectively. But you can also use the horse you have saved for recreation. If you learn how to take care of a horse properly and get it back to good health, you can ride it for recreation and if you are in a farmland or countryside you can even use the horse for performing some heavy lifting tasks.
Skill Building
When you rescue a horse you will be investing in yourself as well. Generally, not many people would know how to take care of a horse and you might be in the same category unless you already have horses. So, when you are investing your time in rescuing a horse you will be building your skills. You are increasing your knowledge about horses and you are not only learning new skills to take care of a horse but you might end up learning new skills such as riding as well. So, one of the reasons why we need equine rescue is because it’s fun.

Social Life
When you’re investing in equine rescue you are broadening your social horizon. As, if you have a horse you will probably be meeting other people with horses and that will help you build a better social life.
Physical Fitness
Taking care of a horse if a full time job. So, if you adopt a horse you will be taking care of it and most of the work involved in taking care of a horse requires physical activity. So, if you own a horse you are automatically working out and you don’t need to take out extra time to go to the gym.
Change the mindset
Horses are beautiful animals and equine rescue in most countries is an unknown concept. Therefore, if we see a horse roaming around and not in good health we probably wouldn’t even think that it needs rescue. In order to change that mindset and provide proper care to horses and save them from diseases, we need equine rescue.
Prevent Diseases
Stray animals have higher chances of getting and transferring diseases. Similarly, in case of horses if they are exposed to unhygienic and unhealthy conditions for a long time they could carry diseases. But if they are properly taken care of chances of them carrying a disease reduce.
We need equine rescue because in most cases it is an unknown territory and not many people know about it and in order save horses we need equine rescue.