Domestic Abuse and Horse Neglect

There has been data gathered by the Humane Society which shows that there is a disturbing correlation between horse neglect and abuse with domestic violence. Many abusers who target their families will also target the animals that they own.

  • In the United States, 20 people suffer from some form of domestic abuse per minute. This means an average of 10 million people in the US are in abusive relationships right now.
  • 71% of domestic violence victims have reported that the person who abused them also targeted their animals.
  • When families are under investigation for child abuse, 88% of the founded cases also had at least one instance of animal abuse as well.
  • About 1 in 4 animal abuse cases involve horses or livestock, according to 2011 data compiled by the Pet Abuse Digest in 2011.
  • There are up to 2,000 new cases of animal hoarding that are discovered in the US every year. An estimated 250,000 animals are affected by the practice of animal hoarding.
  • Every major circus that uses animals as part of their performance has been cited by the US Animal Welfare Agency for violating minimum care standards.
  • Rodeo events can also create stressful situations for horses and other animals, relying on harsh handling practices in order to create the needed performance. 

Abuse and neglect can come in many forms. It can be the intentional harming of a horse. It can also be distributed through unintentional methods, such as hoarding, while being unable to afford the proper care the horse needs.

The average person who intentionally injures a horse is a man under the age of 30. For those involved with abuse and neglect due to hoarding issues, the average person causing the harm is a woman above the age of 60.